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Divisions represented in CEKERT perform theoretical and experimental research in various areas of nuclear technology and science, such as: reactor physics, transmutation, reactor thermal-hydraulics, nuclear power safety and severe accidents, nuclear and reactor chemistry, corrosion and ageing of nuclear plant materials.

CEKERT’s research groups have developed several unique experimental research facilities to perform tests related to thermal margins in nuclear reactors, nuclear reactor safety and development of new reactor fuels.

Through recent few decades the research groups organized within KTH/CEKERT have developed and established an impressive experimental infrastructure related to research in nuclear engineering and nuclear power safety. The experimental facilities have been used to conduct research on thermal-hydraulics of nuclear reactors during normal/abnormal operation, thermal-hydraulics of severe accidents, thermal and safety margins, detection of radiation, nuclear fuels, strength and aging of materials, and other topics.

This document provides a short description of CEKERT’s experimental facilities currently used by the research groups.

Nuclear Research Facilities at KTH.pdf (pdf 404 kB)

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